Please Join Us For Divine Liturgy Every Sunday at 10:30 am

Spirituality * Unity * Fellowship


Father Antonie Poposki - Parish Priest - Phone: 313-505-3110

Services begin at 10:30am and are followed by a fellowship hour in the church hall. Please Join Us! We are here to share our Orthodox faith and practices with guests on the internet and in person as well.

We welcome you on your journey of faith and invite you to learn of and share in the ancient and unchanging Holy Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church can trace its history back to the New Testament Church in unbroken continunity. St. Clement continues this Tradition as commanded by Jesus and handed down from the Apostles,to go out to preach and teach His message of God's love and forgiveness, "to all nations" Luke 24:47. .

Sunday School

All children ages 3 to high school age are welcome and encouraged to join us for Sunday School. Age appropriate classes begin following Holy Communion and are both educational and enjoyable.

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About Us

St Clement Church is an Orthodox Christian Church located in Dearborn Michigan. We serve approximately 400 families with weekly services, study oportunities, social events and Christian fellowship. Our membership is cross generational and cross-cultural. Many of our members are proud of their Macedonian or Bulgarian backgrounds and many traditional slavanic traditions are supported. We cherish the old ways while embracing the new world and new members.

Welcome to our website-whether you are an old friend to St Clement Church or a person looking for a spiritual home. Hope to see in soon!