Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is a typical service?
  2. What is the dress code?
  3. What languages are spoken?
  4. What about children during the service?
  5. What if I am not Orthodox?

1: How long is a typical service?

Divine Liturgy servcies begin at 10:30am on Sunday mornings last no longer than noon, except when there is a special service, which can happen several times throughout the year.

2: What is the dress code?

Most of our parishioners chose business casual. In respect for God, shorts and revealing clothing are discouraged.However what is most important to us is that, regardless of your wardrobe choices, you know that you are welcome in our church and you don’t miss the worship.

3: What languages are spoken?

The Divine Liturgy is performed in English and (some portions) Church Slavonic. The other “private” services such as baptism, wedding, house blessings etc. can be done in the language of your choice (English, Church Slavonic) per discussion with the parish priest.

4: What about children during the service?

We are more than happy to have as many children as possible in our church. If the children don’t want to attend the Divine Liturgy, than we are happy to have them in the Sunday school classes. Our teachers are prepared to welcome them and teach them. We also have a crying room, upstairs next to the choir loft that allows parents with their babies to follow the Divine Liturgy.

5: What if I am not Orthodox?

All are welcome to attend and experience the beauty of the Divine Liturgy and hear the Word of God. Service books are provided for you in the pews to follow along with the liturgy. 

6: How are visiters welcomed?

We make an effort to welcome everyone to our church with a smile at the door. Service books are provided in the pews during the service. Please join us for coffee hour after the service in the church hall.